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Who We Are:

If you're looking for the new website, you can access it here. Note that the security certificate hasn't been set up yet so you'll probably have to bypass your browser's warning. If you'd like, you can sign up for an account. We are still working out permissions and the like, so you won't be able to post. We'd love it if you'd take a peek around!

The Science and Technology Wing is a collection of over two hundred undergraduates, graduate students, professors, and alumni at the University of Pennsylvania. Our members share a strong interest in the science and technology which permeate our everyday lives, not to mention a sense of humor.

STWing currently occupies the second floor of King's Court, and is well on its way to taking over the world. Members have access to many resources, most notably Force, our main (and recently updated) timesharing server.

Our members pursue a wide variety of research projects, for academic credit or personal interest. We also host dinner discussions with University faculty and staff, as well as holding several social events throughout the year. Recurring events include the Rube Goldberg competition.

STWing also helps to organize the John Parker Fellowship, which is a competitive program that helps to fund research projects and proposals by undergraduate members of the Penn community. While focused towards science and technology related projects, we encourage individuals to apply with any type of project. Please note that the deadline for the fellowship is Sunday, 1/25/15 at 11:59pm.

What We Do:

STWing knows how to have fun! This year (2014-2015) we've fielded two intramural sports teams, and also taken trips out for karaoke and food. We had our annual STWing Goes Outside picnic (with a little extra action) in the fall, and will be hosting both our annual robotics fair and STWing banquet in the spring. The floor makes trips out into the city for food and shopping. We also have weekly movies in the 1938 lounge (the TV is massive). Of course, we also have some resident gaming communities. If you're now interested, we have wired setups to avoid the infamously bad Wifi.

For our project-oriented members, there are always projects running in the Blimp Room. What's that? The Blimp Room is actually more than one room, a project space in our own dorm. It contains tools suitable for both mechanical and electrical work. In it, we are currently designing a retro arcade machine with some very modern internals. In addition, a plan is in the works to renovate the Blimp Room to increase its potential. We're hoping to make it more accomodating to all kinds of ideas and projects!

STWing is also the hub for a lot of intellectually-minded activity. Our group has frequent dinner discussions with personas ranging from robotics experts like Dan Lee and computer scientists like Max Mintz to political and technological activists like Lawrence Lessig. The elevator lounge has been the site of many a post-midnight philosophical discussion, and the Dining Philosophers program offers a weekly themed discussion amongst students and resident faculty.

There's tons to do here! Whether you like to talk or tinker, play sports or games, it's hard not to have some good times on STWing.


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