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PennScience is committed to promoting and raising the visibility of undergraduate research.
Doing research has become a standard part of many science majors' interests, and many students go above and beyond the call of the minimum requirements, spending long hours and even summers in the lab. Some even begin their research careers while still in high school. Yet too often, this work goes unnoticed and unreported.

By creating a scientific forum for and by students, we hope to bring together young researchers, helping to make students feel that rather than participating in a disjointed and isolating endeavor, they are becoming a part of a true community of scholars. We also seek to raise the awareness of the outside community to research performed by undergraduates.

A key goal of our journal is to make publication more accessible to college students, providing a peer-reviewed journal dedicated solely to their work. Publication in academic journals is a time-consuming process which is not always suitable for the duration and scale of projects done by undergraduates; we seek to create another option will allow more students to publish their research.

Our Board
Fall 2023
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Anushka Dasgupta

Anushka Dasgupta is a senior at Penn studying Health & Societies and Biology, and minoring in Chemistry. She joined PennScience her freshman fall as an editor, then served as an Editing Manager, and is now excited to lead the journal in her role as co-Editor-in-Chief. Outside of PennScience, she works in a research lab at Perelman, is a Research Peer Advisor, and is part of GlobeMed. She enjoys yoga and listening to music in her free time.

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Grace Lee

Grace is a senior from Houston, TX majoring in Computer Science. She has been a part of PennScience since her freshman year. Her passions include art, animation, and education, and in her free time you can typically find her reading or drawing.

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Writing Manager

Sagar Gupta

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Writing Manager

Da Hyeon (Ace) Choi

Dahyeon (Ace) is a senior studying Computer Science and Operations, Information and Decisions.

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Editing Manager

Junle (Richard) Chen

Richard is a junior in the college studying Neuroscience, Biochemistry, and Bioethics. He is particularly interested the in the intersection of all three fields and the respective application to producing real world solutions to problems within healthcare inequalities. Outside of PennScience, Richard is involved in Alzheimer’s Disease research in CNDR, the Philomathean Society, InTranscription, and Project Lucid. He is grateful to be part of the PennScience team and can't wait to work with everyone!

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Editing Manager

Joyce Lee

Joyce is a sophomore from Newton, Massachusetts studying Health & Societies and Biology. Outside of PennScience, she is involved in UNAIDS at Penn, UnEarthed Magazine, and neurosurgery research related to regenerative medicine. She is excited to promote science literacy with PennScience.

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Writing-Editing Advisor

Jonathan Tran

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Business Manager

Ryan (Chansong) Won

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Design Manager

Arti Singh

Arti Singh, design manager, I am an undergraduate student interested in the intersection between medicine and entrepreneurship. I enjoy art and writing which made PennScience the perfect place for me to be able to explore the more creative side of communicating with others also interested in health and science. I hope to continue using design as a means of connecting with others and furthering my understanding and appreciation of medicine.

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Design Manager

Sara (Saraswati) Sridhar

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Technology Manager

Cice Chen

Cice is a sophomore studying chemistry and biochemistry in the college. She is passionate about research and spreading science to more people. She is grateful to be part of the PennScience team and can't wait to work with everyone!

Our Committees

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Writers direct the theme and content for each issue. They research specific topics of their own interest within the theme and create feature articles. Writers also conduct interviews of Penn faculty members.

Managers: Da Hyeon (Ace) Choi, Sagar Gupta


Editors peer-review research article submissions and also review feature articles and provide valuable feedback to the writers.

Managers: Joyce Lee, Junle (Richard) Chen


The Design committee is responsible for the design of each issue. Members are challenged to create organized and elegant publications.

Managers: Arti Singh, Sara (Saraswati) Sridhar


The Business committee handles the
logistics of running the journal. Key functions include financing, sponsorship, and publicity.

Managers: Ryan (Chansong) Won


The Technology committee manages web services and technological infrastructure for the journal, including our website and social media profiles.

Managers: Cice Chen

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters
Want to Learn More?

Contact us by email or Facebook and we'd be happy to answer any questions related to the journal, submissions, or being part of our team.

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