PennScience is committed to promoting and raising the visibility of undergraduate research.
Doing research has become a standard part of many science majors' interests, and many students go above and beyond the call of the minimum requirements, spending long hours and even summers in the lab. Some even begin their research careers while still in high school. Yet too often, this work goes unnoticed and unreported.

By creating a scientific forum for and by students, we hope to bring together young researchers, helping to make students feel that rather than participating in a disjointed and isolating endeavor, they are becoming a part of a true community of scholars. We also seek to raise the awareness of the outside community to research performed by undergraduates.

A key goal of our journal is to make publication more accessible to college students, providing a peer-reviewed journal dedicated solely to their work. Publication in academic journals is a time-consuming process which is not always suitable for the duration and scale of projects done by undergraduates; we seek to create another option will allow more students to publish their research.

Our Board
Fall 2020


Helen Jiang

Helen is a junior in the College of Arts & Sciences studying Biology and minoring in Health Services Management and Biological Basis of Behavior. On campus, Helen is involved in the Wharton Undergraduate Healthcare Club (WUHC) Incubator Committee, Wharton Asia Exchange (WAX) Healthcare Investment Team, and Asian Students Promoting Identity, Reflection, and Education (ASPIRE). In her free time, Helen enjoys hiking, spending time with her friends and family, and trying out different types of bubble tea drinks.


Neelu Paleti

Neelu is a senior from Dublin, OH studying Health & Societies and Biology to pursue her interests in health policy and global health. At Penn, she serves as the Director of Operations of Service Link, and she is actively working with Universities Allied for Essential Medicines, Penn Healthcare Review, and the Center for Healthcare Innovation to research a proactive patient model to address mental health disparities. Neelu is fascinated by the intersections of sociopolitical factors and health outcomes, and she hopes to further explore these connections through her research on the rising rates of C-section deliveries and the implications on agency, class, and power in South Indian and Asian American populations. In her free time, she loves to watch football, try new Philly restaurants, and binge Netflix.

Editing Manager

Brian Song

Brian is a junior studying Biochemistry from New Jersey. He is currently conducting research at the Wistar Institute studying the RNA editing protein ADAR1. Brian is also part of TableTalk, so he’s always excited to start a fun conversation! One of his favorite activities is hiking, a hobby that is adequately satisfied on Penn’s campus by completing the trek to DRL.

Editing Manager

Mehek Dedhia

Mehek is a sophomore from Mumbai, India and is studying neuroscience. Outside of PennScience, she is involved with the Penn India Association, the Educational Pipeline Program, the Penn Bioethics Journal and conducts research related to Alzheimer's Disease.

Business Manager

Angela Yang

Angela is a junior studying Biology and Philosophy. She does research at CHOP, studying schizophrenia markers in lymphoblastic cell lines and learning to code in Python. Outside of the lab, she is a volunteer with ASAP to teach children in the Philadelphia area piano, the keyboardist for Penn Glee Club Band, and an active member of Phi Delta Epsilon, the pre-med fraternity. Angela enjoys exploring various music genres, hiking, and spending time with friends (much more over zoom currently).

Design Manager

Bianca Vama

Hi, I am in the class of 2024 and planning to study Neuroscience. I like to play basketball and jog in my free time! Looking forward to a great semester with Penn Science!

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