PennScience is committed to promoting and raising the visibility of undergraduate research.
Doing research has become a standard part of many science majors' interests, and many students go above and beyond the call of the minimum requirements, spending long hours and even summers in the lab. Some even begin their research careers while still in high school. Yet too often, this work goes unnoticed and unreported.

By creating a scientific forum for and by students, we hope to bring together young researchers, helping to make students feel that rather than participating in a disjointed and isolating endeavor, they are becoming a part of a true community of scholars. We also seek to raise the awareness of the outside community to research performed by undergraduates.

We hope to bring together young researchers.

A key goal of our journal is to make publication more accessible to college students, providing a peer-reviewed journal dedicated solely to their work. Publication in academic journals is a time-consuming process which is not always suitable for the duration and scale of projects done by undergraduates; we seek to create another option will allow more students to publish their research.

Our Board - Fall 2018
Mia Fatuzzo, Editor-in-Chief

Mia is a senior studying Biology. She previously conducted research on cardiac fibrosis at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Mia also tutors with Penn Science Across Ages and competes with Penn Synchronized Swimming. In her free time, she enjoys long runs and yoga.

Jenny Wang, Editor-In-Chief 

Jenny is a senior studying Biology & Health and Societies. She is current working in an evolutionary biology/behavioral neuroscience lab studying the interaction of serotonin on prosocial behaviors within the gut-brain axis. Her lab uses Rhesus monkeys as their animal model. When she's not busy getting lit with her business committee, Jenny can be found volunteering at a West Philly free clinic, enjoying her time outside with friends, and watching Chinese historical dramas while trying to study. Her goal in life is to bond with people over good food and procrastinate real-world responsibilities for as long as possible. 

Roshan Benefo, Design Manager

Roshan is a junior in the M&T program studying mechanical engineering and behavioral economics. You can find him frantically running down Locust walk, late, yet again, to his solid mechanics class.

Grace Ragi, Student Advisor

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Darsh Shah, Writing Manager

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Kenny Wang, Writing Manager

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Billy Hasley, Editing Manager

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Kathy Wang, Editing Manager

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Donna Yoo, Business Manager

Donna is a junior studying Biology. She currently does research at CHOP, focusing on various neurological disorders and their causes. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, listening to music, and trying new foods. 

Catherine Ruan, Business Manager

From always-sunny Southern California, Catherine is a sophomore studying biology and finance. Apart from PennScience, she is involved in cancer research in Penn Med, Wharton China Business Society, Wharton Asia Exchange, Penn Social Entrepreneurship Movement, and Penn Undergraduate Biotech Society. In her free time, she loves trying new restaurants and dessert shops, cooking, playing violin, and spending time with friends and family.

Rounak Gokhale, Technology Manager

Rounak is a senior studying Cognitive Science and Computer Science. He is currently interested in Artificial Intelligence and research in Neuroscience. Outside of PennScience, he also dances as a member of Penn Dhamaka. In his free time, he enjoys playing Tennis, Basketball, and listening to music.

Rachel Levinson, Communication Manager

Aaron is a senior studying Biology and East Asian Languages and Civilizations. He hails from the most bougie city in the East coast, New York City, but you probably can't tell by talking to him. He is currently working on cancer immunotherapy research at the Abramson Cancer Center at Penn Med. Other than research and PennScience, Aaron is an active brother of Alpha Phi Omega, the community service fraternity, and Phi Delta Epsilon, the pre-med fraternity. He is also very involved in Medlife, a global health organization aiming to provide health and developmental initiatives to developing countries. Aaron enjoys watching Game of Thrones and eating delicious food in his free time. 

Aaron Zhang, Communication Manager

Rachel is a senior studying Biological Basis of Behavior. She is involved with research on the genetic basis of schizophrenia. Outside of PennScience, she is a part of Timmy Global Health, West Philly Tutor Project, and her sorority Zeta Tau Alpha. She loves to read in her spare time as well as explore new restaurants!

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